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Tech Long Sleeve T Shirt

tech long sleeve t shirt

    t shirt
  • jersey: a close-fitting pullover shirt

  • T Shirt is a 1976 album by Loudon Wainwright III. Unlike his earlier records, this (and the subsequent 'Final Exam') saw Wainwright adopt a full blown rock band (Slowtrain) - though there are acoustic songs on T-Shirt, including a talking blues.

  • A short-sleeved casual top, generally made of cotton, having the shape of a T when spread out flat

  • A T-shirt (T shirt or tee) is a shirt which is pulled on over the head to cover most of a person's torso. A T-shirt is usually buttonless and collarless, with a round neck and short sleeves.

tech long sleeve t shirt - O'Neill Wetsuits

O'Neill Wetsuits Men's 24-7 Tech Long Sleeve Crew, White/Flint/Metal, Medium

O'Neill Wetsuits Men's 24-7 Tech Long Sleeve Crew, White/Flint/Metal, Medium

O'Neill has updated their line of breathable 24/7 shirts with the Tech crew. This comfortable and functional long sleeve shirt works for traveling, boating, snorkeling, hiking - any activity when you want to be covered up yet let your skin breathe and keep you cool. By keeping the sun's direct rays from beating down on your skin, this shirt actually keeps you cooler and more comfortable than going shirtless. Not tight-fitting like typical Lycra rashguards, this loose-fit long sleeve t-shirt can be worn with swim trunks, boardshorts, hiking shorts or jeans. Protects against sun fatigue and provides a breathable, cooling effect. Soft fabric feels great against your skin. Engineered fit with strategic seam placement for comfort lets you be active in comfort or just lounge around! HIGHLIGHTS: U.P.F. 30+ - Quick-Dry Nylon/Poly/Spandex Composite Loose T-Shirt Fit Boardshort Connector Loop Designed for UV Protection Odor Resistant Material Wicks away moisture during active water sports. Lightweight quick-dry material works in or out of the water.

77% (19)

Generals & Promises (6-26-9)

Generals & Promises (6-26-9)

Jazon Checchinato slides a hand back over his heavily gelled hair as he heads out of the txi station, having caught a ride from the UAC ferry dock and all

Jaina Lefevre was picking up small rocks by the edge of the hill, putting them in a bag. She pauses when she hears the arrival and turns to watch, ready to bolt at the first sign of anything Youaysee. A slow breath and she mumbles. "Good, no Youaysee....wonder if glass works in slingshots..."

Jazon Checchinato looks over to the kid and smirks, idly shifting to his other foot "Looking to ambush someone, dear?"

Jaina Lefevre gives him a sidelong glance, and rubs the dirt off a small bit of glass, then puts it in her bag. "Gotta have ammo. Ball-bear-rings is the best but we is at war, so gotta stocks-pile."

Jazon Checchinato nods slowly "What war is that, kiddo?" he'd ask softly, seeming fairly interested at news of any sort of conflict

Jaina Lefevre: "Youaysee an' Tengu. They keep hurtin' us kids. We gotta make them miz'balls. (Miserable)" She grins. "And we is -good- at that."

azon Checchinato nods slowly, figuring the UAC was nothing new, however he'd move in a bit closer and ask very simply "Ten-go?"

Jaina Lefevre shakes her head. "Ten-goo. Like the Jap'nese raven spirits. Mister Father has ravens in th'tower and we wanted to be ravens but this is better 'cause it's like sneaksy and strong all in one."

Jazon Checchinato mumbles "What is it with this town and fixation on the Japanese..." before speaking up with an "Ah... and what is it the Tengu do, dear?"

Jaina Lefevre: "We takes care of each other 'cause 'dults don't understands and there's big mean bad things that if you're just one kid, you can get really hurt, but when there's more of ya, you can make /them/ go runnin'."

Jazon Checchinato nods and laughs "Oh aye...the UAC can be sent packing even when you have smaller numbers, I did just that back when I was a cop, dear..."

Jaina Lefevre tips her head and looks him over. "You was MPD? How come you're not no more?"

Jazon Checchinato seems to change demeanor at that and shakes his head "Got to old and to damaged to be good at it anymore... soo after a long time serving with them, I retired..."

Jaina Lefevre: "You look old but not as old as the stinky may-ore." She walks around to the side a little, looking at the sword. "How comes you got a so-ward and not a gun? Even -I- knowed guns is better."

Jazon Checchinato taps the .45 pistol at his other hip "I do have a gun, I just prefer the look of the sword, as well as it's somewhat of a...eh..status symbol, like how some kids have those portable games and whatnot..."

Jaina Lefevre walks all the way around and then ohs. 'It's not huge on yer back. Didn't sees it. How do you sit down with a so-ward? What do you do now? Is you an Op'tive?"

Jazon Checchinato blinks and after a moment he shrugs "I'm just trying to get a business liecence for over in Leviathan now... and no, I don't do the huge gun thing... a pistol is just as effective at dropping folks. Sitting down? eh... it's on a belt look swivel, can move around some to make that easy"

Jaina Lefevre grins. "What's your name?" she walks up to him, just out of arm's reach. "I'm J...Jenny. Jenny Tzu." A flicker of sadness in her eyes as she says that, but the polite smile stays in place.

Jazon Checchinato looks down to her and moves a hand out to (if allowed) ruffle her hair a bit "You can call me Jaz... pretty much everyone here knows me in some fashion.."

Jaina Lefevre: "Tzu is like the Cookie Papers General person. You read that book? Someone said he was th'best ever. The guy has been dead like almost three thousand years. You mean we ain't had a better general since then? We is pa-FET-ic! (pathetic)"

Jazon Checchinato nods slowly and smirks "Ah...Sun Tzu and the Art of War, yes actually... a very smart man - as for a great General, there have been a few...Erwin Rommel, MacArthur, Nimitz, Fletcher..."

Jaina Lefevre: "I read 'bout Rommel and MacArt-tur. Could ya write down th'others for me, please?" She digs in her pack and pulls out a piece of scrap paper and a pen and holds them out to him.

Jazon Checchinato takes the pen and paper and goes about writing down a few names, of them would be 'Yamamoto, Fletcher, Nimitz and Goering' "First three were Admirals of the IJN and US fleets back in the second world war, other was head of the Luftwaffen before and during the Europian battles of the second world war... it seems that after that war, the commanders lost character, relying to heavily on science and numbers then actual strategy..."

Jaina Lefevre listens to him, nodding. Yes...she's getting it. She's a creepily smart kid. Understands and reads well beyond her years - the words just d

My first successful T-shirt surgery

My first successful T-shirt surgery

I got a super cute "Tech Girl" t-shirt for Christmas that was pretty big on me, and I didn't want to banish it to pajama land.
I've made a couple of T-shirts before (short and long sleeve) and the end results were less than desirable.
After doing a bit of reading and looking at lots of pictures, I finally mustered up the courage to try it again.
I was very disciplined about it instead of cutting and sewing on the fly like I usually do. Even used the dressmakers chalk! Spent a fair amount of time adjusting thread tension, which was interrupted by a drastic need to clean out the lint below the feed dogs. Basted, tried it on, seam ripped, re-basted, and frequently ran to the full length mirror in the other room to check my work.
Finally got it how I wanted it, and finalized the seams. Should have been a bit more industrious and used the serger for the final seams, but adjusting serger thread tension is more of a pain than adjusting the sewing machine.
Very happy with the results, and it has given me the courage to try it again!

tech long sleeve t shirt

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